You’re About To Get Another Stimulus Check

Jonathan Garner
2 min readDec 14, 2022
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It’s quite accurate to say that more stimulus checks are coming down. The reason is simple, actually…apart from the fact that the economy is starting to languish; the reason is that many states have already been sending out stimulus checks.

But what about stimulus checks from the federal government? Isn’t that why you clicked on this article? It would be tough to say that such a thing can’t happen. But perhaps one might say that it’s unlikely. I’ve heard it argued that we won’t get more stimulus checks — even in a recession or in an economic downturn (like now) — -because that will cause even more inflation. This is not a good argument against the plausibility of having more stimulus checks, even though it seems to be the #1, most popular argument/objection.

For one thing, politicians don’t always just do what is rational, correct, and reasonable, as if they are robots: this is also a reason why, if anything, we would expect to get another stimulus check. For another thing, a stimulus check in isolation doesn’t cause inflation; however, a stimulus check paid for by the printing of money is what causes inflation, precisely because that just IS inflation. So much for the #1 objection.

Given that we’ve already had stimulus checks on the federal level, and given that we’ve already had many states already pass their own versions of stimulus checks, then how can anyone seriously find it unlikely that more stimulus checks are coming? Why would that be the case? Why would things change? Why would a person think things will be different?

Of course, it must be said that people don’t really care where the stimulus checks come from — whether that be their state government or federal government. Still, though, for the sake of (an easier) discussion, it seems to me that it’s clear why the focus would be on the federal government/Congress. This also brings us to another objection to stimulus checks.

This objection states that we won’t get another stimulus check because there is gridlock in Congress. What should we say about this objection? Well, for one thing, when has gridlock ever stopped Congress from doing something bad (or good) in a crisis (specifically)? Secondly, gridlock is not the same thing as absolute gridlock where nothing gets done.



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